Filippo , 9 giorni
Maggio 28, 2019
A sweet little prince with red hair! VIEW POST
Spring Wedding
Maggio 26, 2019
Spring, love, flowers and friends! VIEW POST
Mum and Dad get married!
Marzo 7, 2019
Love and family! VIEW POST
Rebecca , 5 giorni
Marzo 7, 2019
A little, little princess! VIEW POST
Wedding on Lake Maggiore
Ottobre 18, 2018
Lake, love, flowers and details! VIEW POST
Emotions and Love
Settembre 21, 2018
An unforgettable and exciting day! VIEW POST
A perfect day
Settembre 15, 2018
Wedding on Lake Como VIEW POST
A midsummer dream
Settembre 1, 2018
Wedding on Lake Maggiore VIEW POST
Lovely summer wedding
Aprile 10, 2018
So much emotion for an international wedding! VIEW POST
Wedding in Tyrol
Marzo 25, 2018
March 21st, early spring, but a very cold and gray day in Tyrol. VIEW POST